DHS Ready For Massive Civil Unrest, Internment Of “Dissidents”

This video will help you “connect the dots”. Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Libya (Omar Khadaffi), Iran (Mahmoud Ahmadineja) are NOT enemies of the American people. In this video you will observe the military arm of the nwo in action. You will observe them take the wealth of another country and its people by viciously torturing and murdering their beloved leader. Iran is next. Place your ear to the ground, watch and listen for the sabre rattling (accusations) that Iran is building a warhead, attacking another country (Israel?), etc. However, know with certainty that what you hear are lies. If you are shrewd, you will be able connect the dots and expose those who cause the disturbances reported by the media. Very soon you will see the “religious” arm arise in the appointment of the new pope…the forerunner of the head of the “nwo”, the long-expected appearance of the Man of Sin. The financial arm is just about in place. The next to the last chip is about to fall. Iran’s demise will finalize it. Then the coronation of the pope. Are you ready?


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