Sandy Hook hoax is falling apart

Once people actually go take a look, their initial feelings of anger toward “anyone who would dare disrespect the victims and their families,” by simply pointing out the obvious, quickly begins to turn into feelings of confusion and concern over such egregious misrepresentations of the facts. People can see it with their own eyes and, as a result, the Western establishment’s media, on many levels, has been forced to address the growing reality that not everybody is buying into establishment propaganda any longer. As to be expected, what the media has done instead is go into damage control.

Just as they’ve done in countless other similar situations, while treating its followers like children, they first attack outside messengers with derogatory terminology, calling those attempting to point anything out that doesn’t jive with the official narrative conspiracy “theorists” and “racists,” etc., just before twisting and misrepresenting what’s being pointed out and totally avoiding that which cannot be easily misconstrued or hidden. It’s actually quite transparent and easy to see the pattern.

To examine the Examiner’s article, go here.


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