IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT GUNS by Larry Spargimino

Media bias, and government propaganda, has never been as blatant and disgraceful as in the present debate about guns. We are led to believe that guns are the problem, yet few realize that gun control is about people control. It is rooted in the perilous view that government can save us if only the citizens give the government sufficient power to do so. While left-wingers in Congress tell us, “you don’t need an assault weapon to shoot a duck,” they don’t seem to realize—or want to admit—that the Second Amendment is not about hunting, but about personal defense.
America’s founders knew that the Bill of Rights was necessary to protect the people from the government. Unfortunately, the indoctrination that has been the steady diet of American school children in public schools has so confused Americans that the general population is more afraid of an armed citizens than of the government. Yet, as R.J. Rummel’s sobering volume Death by Government shows, it is governments that have slaughtered their own people by the millions. Though there were two world wars and numerous regional conflicts in the twentieth century, “it is the penchant of governments for killing their own people that has made the last hundred years the deadliest of all centuries” (The New American, 10/8/12),

John R. Lott, who has held positions at the University of Chicago, Yale, Stanford, and others, has written extensively on this issue. He is the bestselling author of More Guns, Less Crime, and also The Bias Against Guns. In this latter volume he writes about the one-sided media frenzy that occurs when there are multiple killings involving guns. He observes, however, that “there is another side, rarely mentioned in the media. Concealed weapons in the hands of good people can be used to save lives and stop attacks. … And contrary to popular misconception, permit holders are virtually never involved in the commission of any crime, let alone murder” (p.99)

What About Police Protection?

We often hear that the police should be the ones to protect us, with guns, if needed. While we are all greatly indebted to the men and women in law enforcement, the police can’t be everywhere. That would turn America into a police state.
As attorney Richard Stevens has demonstrated in his book, Dial 911 and Die, thousands of felonies are committed every year after citizens have called for help. The police are required to protect the public at large, but have no responsibility to protect every individual at every moment of the day and night. The police apprehend criminals, but individuals are so labeled as “criminal” only after they have committed a crime and YOU have already been victimized. While we hear a lot about protecting yourself from crimes like “identity theft” by using a shredder, very little is said about protecting yourself from a violent crime by using a gun.
When is the last time the standard media featured a spot on how a citizen prevented a crime by using a gun? When Matthew Murray entered New Life Church in Colorado on December 9, 2007, with the intent of killing hundreds of worshippers, it was one of the worshippers, Jeanne Assam, who fired ten rounds wounding the would-be murderer who then took his own life. Some of the local newspapers reported that the pastor stated that Assam saved “over 100 lives.”

Should American Be Suspicious of the Federal Government?

The answer is an unequivocal “Yes.” The gun issue is not just about guns, but about an administration that has swept “Benghazi-gate” under the rug. It’s about a government that refuses to protect the unborn, a government that doesn’t wince about raising taxes on hard-working Americans, but doesn’t want to cut back on expenditures; a government that gives billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that hate us, some of which consistently vote against us in the U.N. Why is the Obama administration planning to give 20 F-16s and 200 of our best tanks to the pro-Islamist government in Egypt and borrowing money to foot the bill? ( It’s hypocritical for our government to restrict our rights to protect ourselves while refusing to take reasonable measures to stop the influx of illegal aliens into our country.

How To Maintain Freedom and Liberty

In a recent SWRC interview, David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, commented that even though so many Israelis carry guns, yet there are hardly any massacres like the ones that have occurred in American “gun free zones.”
In my opinion,” Rubin said, “the answer is that when we remove a system or morals and values based on God’s eternal truths, we create a dangerously insecure and chaotic vacuum. In that void enters broken families, leading to insecure children, and in some cases leading to mental illness, and senseless violence.”
Indeed, the Lord Jesus Christ spoke directly to this issue when He said, “And ye shall know the truth, and he truth shall make you free (John 8:32).


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